Washing Machine Motor Spin Motor 60W – 180W

Washing Machine Motor   Spin Motor 60W - 180W

Washing Machine Motor, Spin Motor  2704#

Copper Wire Or Aluminium Wire

Energy Voltage Frequency Main Thickness
60W 110V – 240V 50/60Hz T 21 mm
70W 110V – 240V fifty/60Hz T 22 mm
90W 110V – 240V 50/60Hz T 28 mm
120W 110V – 240V fifty/60Hz T 32 mm
150W 110V – 240V fifty/60Hz T 38 mm
180W 110V – 240V 50/60Hz T forty one mm

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electricity Voltage Frequency  Tarque Max. Tarque Recent Capacitor
90W 110V 60HZ .62 1.05 four.00 34
120W 110V 60HZ .seventy three 1.32 5.00 35
135W 110V 60HZ .90 1.forty 6.00 forty
150W 110V 60HZ one.02 one.50 6.00 44
170W 110V 60HZ 1.07 1.sixty five 6.00 forty four
180W 110V 60HZ one.10 one.89 6.50 forty eight
200W 110V 60HZ 1.50 2.20 six.80 fifty
120W 220V 60HZ .90 one.35 2.forty 10
135W 220V 60HZ .ninety five 1.fifty eight 3.05 twelve
150W 220V 60HZ 1.25 1.sixty three.fifty twelve
170W 220V 60HZ 1.twenty five 1.90 three.eighty 13
180W 220V 60HZ one.28 two.10 three.eighty fourteen
180W 220V 60HZ one.50 two.20 four.00 15-sixteen


Washing Machine Motor   Spin Motor 60W - 180W