Slewing Bearing Gear Motor for PV Cpv Solar Energy

Slewing Bearing Gear Motor for PV Cpv Solar Energy

Slewing CZPT SC21 for PV CPV Photo voltaic Power Solar Power Solar Tracker Method

Product Slewing CZPT SC21 Brand name Corresun Drive
Keeping Torque 105.8kN.m Tilting Moment Torque 203kN.m
Self-locking Indeed Equipment Ratio a hundred twenty five:one
Outer Dia. 584mm Internal Dia. 465mm
Performance 40% Output Torque 15kN.m
Rated Output Pace one.2rpm Colar Grey

The slewing travel is a specific slewing reduction item derived from the slewing bearing solution with higher integration and large reduction ratio, easy framework, handy use and maintenance, simply because the slewing ring is employed as the follower and the frame foundation, the slewing ring is utilised The interior and outer rings respectively understand the input and output of driving power, so that the slewing drive can not only understand 360-diploma rotation CZPT a useless position, but also can install a driving electricity supply on the basis of the slewing help frame at the exact same time, so its transmission effectiveness is high and it is a mechanical transmission The new member of the system family. Because of its essence is a reduction equipment, it can also be known as a rotary reducer, a turntable reducer or a travel turntable.

Solar tracker have to have sleek, sluggish and strong motion. The tracker need to have substantial place accuracy and large degree of reliability. These specifications can be attained by specially designed motorists known as slewing motorists.

Accuracy: .1 Degree

Available: three inch Р25 inch

Horizontal set up

It is encouraged to mount the slewing drives upside down on the azimuth axis in photo voltaic apps for far better defense and insert security for the elevation axis. For other programs, the mounting directions shall be dependent on the evaluation of the defense level and it shall be better for far better safety.

Vertical set up

It is recommended to mount the slewing drives referring to attached drawing upside in photo voltaic apps for far better protection. For other apps, the mounting directions shall be based mostly on the analysis of the defense degree and it shall be far better for better defense.

one. By adopting slewing bearing as its core element, slewing drive can bear axial power, radial power and tilting minute simultaneously.

2. Slewing drive is broadly utilized in modular trailers, all types of cranes, aerial working platform, solar monitoring systems and wind power techniques.

three. CZPT and planetary gearboxes can be made according to customer’s necessity.

four. Slewing drive has the gain of saving room in amenities, max load capability in a compact style, comprehensive lifespan, lowered upkeep expenses, and so forth.

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SC21 Slewing Travel Slewing CZPT Worm Tests Report

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Slewing Bearing Gear Motor for PV Cpv Solar Energy