Slant Bed CNC Lathe CNC Precision Lathe Ck6150e

Slant Bed CNC Lathe CNC Precision Lathe Ck6150e

one: Major use
CK sequence CNC Lathe Machine/ Low cost Mini CNC Lathe machine used in electrical appliances, instrumentation tools sector, vehicle, motorcycle add-ons, fastener bearings, photographic equipment, movie machinery, components watches and clocks, glasses, cultural and academic provides, electrical machinery, valves, fuel pipe fittings and other high-precision sophisticated areas production, cnc lathe device charges is the hardware and mechanical processing business the most efficient and efficient gear.

2: Functions:
one, cnc lathe machine is a large-pace, large precision, higher trustworthiness of CNC device resources. Mattress, bed, mattress and other key factors are produced of higher-energy materials from casting, to guarantee extended-time period use of the steadiness of the machine.

two, New Hobby CNC Lathe was developed in flat mattress framework, high-quality rail quenching, and paste plastic precision scraping investigation, the equipment area of large precision, chip sleek, suited for substantial-precision machining.

3, New Pastime CNC Lathe was with high precision and large rigidity spindle, variable frequency spindle motor. Spindle in the continuous temperature indoor assembly, assembled soon after seventy two hours of continuous working, the machine after 72 hrs of steady trial run to make sure higher-pace large-precision functionality and trustworthy.

4, New  Hobby CNC Lathe contains 4-station electric powered turret , tool adjust speed, high positioning accuracy.

5, New Hobby CNC Lathe has X, Z direction of the feed using C3-class precision ball screw, servo motor through a massive torque low inertia imported elastic coupling and screw guide, screw support with pre-tension framework, to eradicate the transmission backlash and advance The use of sophisticated centralized automatic lubrication system, timing, quantitative computerized intermittent lubrication, steady and reliable procedure. The use of sophisticated automated lubrication gear, timing, quantitative automatic intermittent lubrication, steady and dependable.

six, New Passion CNC Lathe has complete security layout, nice, gorgeous and exclusive, watertight and trustworthy, easy to preserve

7: The technique is FANUC or GSK for option.

3: Tech information

four: Inside Check out – CZPT turret four/six situation

five: Real machie display

6:  Program and accessories

Design Principal specification  
CK6140/6150/6160/6180/61100 Controller: Fanuc 0i TF / GSK
Spindle bore:52/80/105mm
CZPT Equipments:
Stepless speed adjust
Handbook Chuck
4-station turret,
Handbook Tailstock
Entire-splash Guard
Work lamp
Auto cooling program
Car lubrication program
Instrument box
Optional Equipments:
1). CZPT Strong Chuck   
2). CZPT Hollow Chuck  
three). CZPT tailstock  
four). Automobile three-stage velocity change   
five). Guide three-action velocity change   
six). CZPT tailstock  

seven:Othe areas of photograph


Slant Bed CNC Lathe CNC Precision Lathe Ck6150e