Polyimide Film for H-Class Motors

Polyimide Film for H-Class Motors

Extensively Used Polyimide Pi Film with Superb Qualities

Our merchandise use to countrywide defense sector aerospace industry, electrical motor market, FPC and TAB of digital industry, Grade H, C insulating components (pulling motor, submersible oil electric motor , nuclear electrical power equipments, large-temperature-resistant supplies, specific electric appliances, hearth-proofing bus duct, fuel mask, loudspeaker voice skeleton), our merchandise polyimide films as parent steel is the very best decision of FPC, PST, flexible copper layer plate, LED and large-temperature insulated components. 
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H Polyimide film is a frequent polyimide movie condensed with 4- formic acid-two- anhydride of benzene, and four.4-diamino-biphenyl-ether oxide. This item has outstanding mechanical capability, favorable electric powered insulation at temperature from -269ºC to +260ºC. It can be utilised in compound insulation material, adhesive tape, electric powered wire and motor market, and so forth.
Deal&Storage: Packed in rolls and in carton retailer at space temperature stay away from hearth. The storage period of time is twelve months.

Items Units Specification
Thickness   μm forty nine-51
Dielectric Energy   MV/m ≥200
Tensile energy TD MPa ≥170
MD ≥170
Elongation TD % ≥65
MD ≥65
Young’s Modulus TD MPa ≥4200
MD ≥4200
Surface Stress Belt side Dynes/cm 70
Air facet 70
Shrinkage Charge TD % ±0.20
MD ±0.20
H2o Absorption   % ≤2.2
Wetting Tension   mN/m 60



Coverlay movie in FPC/PCB

FCCL membrane PI in LED lights PCB       

High-temp cables wrapped PI                      PI in die chopping

PI in battery                                                    Black PI tape


Polyimide Film for H-Class Motors