NEMA 34 86mm 1.8 Degree Hybrid Stepping Stepper Motor for CNC Machine

NEMA 34 86mm 1.8 Degree Hybrid Stepping Stepper Motor for CNC Machine

I. CH MOTOR – Hybrid Stepper Motor H861(86MM)


-Step Angle: one.8°
-Size: 66-150mm
-Rated Current: 2.7-5A
-Section Resistance: .five-two.9ohm
-Period Inductance: 1.-seventeen.5mH
-Keeping Torque: 220-850N. Cm
-Detent Torque: five.five-24.5N. Cm
-Direct Wire No.: 8
-Bodyweight: one.eight-four.2g


CZPTal Specification:

Series Design Action Angle ( o ) L
Rated Present (A) Phase
( Ω )
Inductance (mH)
Keeping Torque
Detent Torque ( Direct
( kg)
H861-22040 1.8 sixty six four. .6 one.six 220 five.5 eight 2.
H861-22050 one.eight 66 five. .four 1. 220 five.five 8 2.
H861-22571 one.eight sixty six one.2 three.five 220 5.five eight 2.
H861-30040 one.8 seventy eight 4. .7 3. three hundred 6.5 eight 2.5
H861-30050 one.eight 78 five. .five one.eight three hundred 6.five 8 two.5
H861-30571 one.eight seventy eight two.7 one.six five.six three hundred six.5 8 two.five
H861-49040 1.8 98 4. .98 four.1 490 nine.five eight 3.
H861-49050 1.eight ninety eight five. .65 two.four 490 nine.5 eight 3.
H861-49571 one.8 ninety eight 1.nine eight.6 490 nine.five 8 three.
H861-58040 1.8 114 four. five.five 580 twelve.five eight 3.five
H861-58050 1.8 114 5. .seventy five three.2 580 12.five 8 three.five
H861-58571 one.eight 114 two. eleven.5 580 12.five 8 three.5
H861-64040 one.8 126 4. 1.3 5.eight 640 eighteen.5 eight one.8
H861-64050 1.8 126 five. .eighty five three.4 640 18.5 8 1.eight
H861-64571 one.8 126 2.7 2.five twelve.5 640 eighteen.five eight 1.eight
H861-85040 1.8 one hundred fifty 4. 1.4 9.2 850 24.5 eight four.2
H861-85050 1.eight 150 five. .nine 5.two 850 24.five 8 four.two
H861-85571 one.eight 150 two.7 two.nine seventeen.5 850 24.five 8 four.two

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About Us:

I.CH Movement Co., Ltd., set up in 2006, and our main goods are hybrid stepper motor, stepping motor driver, stage motor, stepping engine, built-in phase servo motors. two period stepper motor, stepping motor, action motor.

Expert manufacturer for stepper motor, have NEMA8, NEMA11, NEMA14, NEMA17, NEMA23, NEMA34, diploma, .nine levels. Solitary shaft and double shaft.

I.CH owns a check heart, equipped with a variety of detection tools and measuring instruments. The take a look at centre equipped Torque-frequency characteristic examination tools and Encoder Precision test instrument also.


Our merchandise are broadly employed and used in the pursuing industries: lighting system, projector, CNC, semiconductor, textile, laser, woodworking, printing, promoting, clothes, marble and ceramic, robotics and navy.

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NEMA 34 86mm 1.8 Degree Hybrid Stepping Stepper Motor for CNC Machine