Factory Direct High Torque Electric Brushless DC Motor

Factory Direct High Torque Electric Brushless DC Motor

                     Factory immediate large torque electric powered brushless Dc Motor

Product Description
 Z2 sequence motor normally for the industrial DC motor&comma which are appropriate for continual power speed selection of not much more than one&colon 2&comma electrical driving capability of overload not higher than 1&period5 times the rated torque&comma  also can be utilized for steel cutting machine resources&comma paper producing&comma dyeing and weaving &comma printing&comma cement and other industries&interval Generator can be employed for electrical power supply&comma lighting or other consistent voltage electricity source&comma voltage-controlled generator can be utilized to the charging and floating charging reasons of massive variety storage battery&period
Otherwise&comma for other diverse requirements&comma Z2 sequence DC motors are derived with other some versions&time period
1&time period ZT2 extensive speed regulation variety&colonconstant electricity pace selection magnetic shunt motor is 1&colon 3 and one&colon 4&comma the constant-voltage power supply and in want of a vast velocity range provides a practical occasion&period of time To minimize air flow losses at high pace&comma on the 7th body ZT2 more common kind are compelled ventilation&time period
2&time period ZT2 special voltage motors&colon rated voltage of 180V&comma 340V and 440V are suited for solitary-stage and a few-section thyristor electrical power source&period of time Rated voltage of 275V and 460V generator can be utilized to drag mine traction power and other wants unique voltage of the electrical power source&period
3&period of time ZO2 enclosed motor&colon totally enclosed&comma for specific&comma we need to have to dust operating setting&period of time
4&interval In accordance to the particular needs&comma Z2 series motor and generator can be derived with payment winding&comma in which circumstance the overload multiples elevated to about two&period5 instances the rated torque&comma the armature circuit time consistent can decrease&comma for high-power servo program or need much more massive overload torque applications&period of time Presently No&interval 8-eleven body has been part of the technical specs&comma if necessary&comma keep on to produce&interval
Over four unique specs&comma overall proportions&comma inertia&comma excess weight steady with Z2 of the exact same foundation&time period
electromotor electrical power range&colon0&period4Kw~200Kw
electromotor rated voltage&colon110V and 220V
electromotor rated working speed&rpar&colon3000r&solmin&comma 1500r&solmin&comma 1000r&solmin&comma 750r&solmin and 600r&solmin
electrical machine electrical power range&colon0&period6kW~185kW
electrical equipment rated voltage&colon115V and 230V
electrical machine rated operating velocity&rpar&colon2850r&solmin and 1450r&solmin
On the following problems&comma this series motor can be employed repeatedly
&lpar1&rpar Altitude over sea amount maximal one&comma000m&time period
&lpar2&rpar Cooling air temperature maximal 40C&period of time

serial amount code No&interval installation construction  applicable motor sort
1 IMB3 horizontal&comma motor with leg Z2-11~Z2-112
2 IMB34 horizontal&comma motor with leg&comma stop shield with tiny flange Z2-eleven~Z2-32
3 IMB35 horizontal&comma motor with leg&comma end protect with massive flange Z2-forty one~Z2-eighty two
four IMV14 vertical&comma motor with leg&comma end protect with small flange Z2-eleven~Z2-32
five IMV15 vertical&comma motor with leg&comma end protect with huge flange Z2-forty one~Z2-eighty two
6 IMB14 horizontal&comma motor CZPT leg&comma finish defend with tiny flange Z2-eleven~Z2-32
7 IMB5 horizontal&comma motor CZPT leg&comma stop protect with large flange Z2-forty one~Z2-62
8 IMV18 vertical&comma motor CZPT leg&comma stop shield with modest flange&comma shaft extension downwards Z2-11~Z2-32
nine IMV1 vertical&comma motor CZPT leg&comma finish shield with huge flange&comma shaft extension downwards Z2-41~Z2-112
10 IMV19 vertical&comma motor CZPT leg&comma end shield with little flange&comma shaft extension upwards Z2-eleven~Z2-32
11 IMV3 vertical&comma motor CZPT leg&comma stop shield with large flange&comma shaft extension upwards Z2-forty two~Z2-62


Body vertical horizontal
travel-stop commutator push-end commutator
Z2-1 6302 6302 6302 6302
Z2-two 6304 6304 6304 6304
Z2-three 6305 6305 6305 6305
Z2-4 6307 6307 6307 6307
Z2-5 6309 6309 6309 6309
Z2-6 6309 6309 6309 6309
Z2-seven 6310 6309 6310 7309ACJ
Z2-8 6311 6310 6311 7310ACJ
Z2-9 6314 6313 6314 7313ACJ
Z2-ten 6317 6315 6317 7315ACJ
Z2-11 6320 6318 6320 7318ACJ

Company details

   China CZPT &lparZheJiang &rpar Co&period&comma Limited is established because nineteen sixties&period of time We located in ZheJiang – the most critical global economic and enterprise centre of China&time period We have workers a lot more than one thousand&time period Our manufacturing unit is about 30&comma000~fifty&comma000 square meters&period of time We have handed ISO 9001&colon2000 Administration Certification&period All our products passed CE Certification for CZPTpean Union&comma UL and CSA Certification for North The united states&comma GOST Certificate for Russia and SONCAP Certificate for Nigeria&interval
   We have always been committed to technological innovation for various needs of our consumers&period As we are an built-in business with the technological innovation&comma producing&commasales and service&commawe can offer clients professional traning before sales&comma and considerate after sales services&periodIt is our wish that to provide the best products and services so that we can creat far more values to our clients&period of time

Our support

 We can provide the layout design of your manufacturing unit&comma  the technical specification of the auxiliary facilities&commaetc&period of time
Our manufacturing facility is constantly CZPT for your visiting&interval And we are happy to get you to see the operate internet site in our customers’ factories&time period
 Engeneers are CZPT to provide the mechines overseas&time period
Quality assurance&colon 12 months except furnace and consumable parts &lparafter commissioning&rpar&time period

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If you have any inquiries&commaplease truly feel totally free to get in touch with us&period of time
ZheJiang CZPT CZPT Co&period of time&commaLtd&interval
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Factory Direct High Torque Electric Brushless DC Motor