Modular Air Handling Unit for Medical ICU Room

Modular Air Handling Unit for Medical ICU Room

1.CZPTstars air dealing with device and air handler attributes
1) AHU case is the higher-power aluminum alloy frame, with created-in insulation resources, no chilly bridges.
two) The aluminum content floor treated by anodizing seems good and corrosion-resistant.The panel is 25mm thick and of double skin construction.The two the inner and outer panel plates are produced of high quality Korean galvanized steel painted, lovely and fashionable layout
three) The sandwiched PU foam insulation content between the plates make sure the ideal overall performance of insulation, intensity, rigidity, cleanliness and sounds insulation for the AHU, and make certain no condensed water on the surface area
four) In the gap between the frame and the panel dampness-evidence content has been utilized to seal up, stay away from air leakage and vitality reduction
five) The base body is scorching-dip galvanized metal, Anti-corrosive

two.CZPTstars Air handler,air handling unit, ahu software
The AHU is utilized to management the pursuing parameters of the area.
Air Motion
Air Cleanliness

3.Air handler specialized data, Assembly drawing diagram and photograph

Horizontal Air Dealing with Device(Return Air Problem-4 Rows)
Design Air Movement Whole
Power Input Return Air
Cooling Ability Heating Capability H2o Movement H2o Resistance Water inlet/outlet pipe Diameter
*1000CMH Pa KW KW L/min KPa DN
EST10HC4 10 350 2.two 60.four 84 172.eight eighteen.6 50
EST12HC4 twelve four hundred 3 seventy three one hundred and 209.four 21.6 fifty
EST15HC4 fifteen four hundred 4 98.six 138.nine 282.six 22.five 65
EST18HC4 eighteen four hundred five.five 118.three a hundred sixty five 339.six 24.5 65
EST20HC4 20 four hundred 5.five 139.five 194.four four hundred.2 thirty.four 65
EST23HC4 23 400 5.5 157.9 219.nine 456 twenty five.5 65
EST25HC4 twenty five 400 seven.five 169.five 236.3 486.6 37.two 80
EST28HC4 28 500 2*four 186.three 534 26.5 eighty
EST30HC4 30 500 two*five.5 199.three 277.9 571.eight 22.five two*65
EST35HC4 35 five hundred two*5.five 235.7 328.3 676.2 29.four two*sixty five
EST40HC4 40 500 2*five.five 271.2 378 778.2 34.3 two*65
EST45HC4 45 500 2*7.five 286.2 398.8 821.four 40.2 2*65
EST50HC4 50 600 2*11 322.7 449.8 925.eight fifty one.9 two*eighty
Be aware:
1.Return air:Cooling:Air in 27ºC DB, 19.5ºC WB,Chilled h2o in/out:7ºC /12ºC
two.Return air:Heaing:Air in 15ºC DB,Very hot water in:60ºC.

four.CZPTstars air handling device , air handler assortment or sequence
-Horizontal ceiling ducted air handling unit
-Horizontal hid air managing device
-Vertical concealed air dealing with unit
-Vertical uncovered air managing device
-Modular Modulus Air Handling Device-multi-perform air dealing with unit

5.Parts-air dealing with unit or air handler

–The housing that includes all the other parts of an AHU is normally make of metal, some are painted to prevent corrosion.
In sections the place the enthusiasts and the coil are situated, 1-2 inches of polyurethane foam or PU is utilised to insulate them to stop the condensation on the panel.Drain pan is also used as a precaution in the celebration of condensation of h2o.
–Penta-publish further large gauge aluminum profiles and sturdy fiber-strengthened PE corner relationship forming the structural  frame
–excellent mechanical power and rigidity to the device frame and to stop any buckling or deformation
–Thermal bridge free style, the profiles loaded with polyurethane foam for insulation
–Anodizing area therapy for profiles, corrosion-resistant
–Stainless steel body CZPT

Centrifugal fan is employed to flow into the air to the different parts of the sections in the creating.The standard types of enthusiast CZPT are Backward Inclined, Backward Curved, Forward Curved and Airfoil.

The variety of the admirer will rely on the air volume and the static force needed of the system.Normally, the designer of the technique will use a specialized application to do this variety.

In get to decrease the influence of vibration on the panel, the motor and the admirer are typically put in on the vibration isolator apart from when the drive assembly is exterior to the supporter casing.

In recent many years, the use of variable air quantity (VAV) technique is becoming far more popular as the volume of the air becoming discharged can be diverse depending on the load situation.If the load is high, the enthusiast speed will be increased and if the load is reduce, the speed of the admirer will be lower.

The pace of the enthusiast is different by utilizing frequency inverter rather of standard motor this sort of as PSC motor.Frequency inverter gives better management of the admirer pace as a whole variety of admirer pace from super reduced to tremendous high can now be used based on the load circumstances needed.

This technologies has enabled much better use of vitality and is in tandem with the go to go for greener strength.

Vibration Eliminator
• To reduce the transmission of vibration and sound, admirer and motor are put in on an impartial comprehensive base body
• The complete foundation frame is isolated by deflection kind spring isolators
• This exclusive composition not only lessen the vibration and sound, but also protect admirer and motor during transportation

Cooling Coil
Cooling Coil is utilised to awesome and dehumidify the air.Both DX (direct growth) cooling and CW (chilled h2o) cooling coils are CZPT for use dependent on the system design.

These coils are arranged in rows with diverse fin spacing.Aluminum fins and copper tubes are used in the design and style of the coils.The corrosion resistance hydrophilic fins are also utilised owing to its reduced value and reduce resistance to the air velocity.

Filters are to remove particles and contaminants of a variety of sizes from the air.The sort of air filter getting utilised will really significantly count on the application of the system.
Panel Filter is a flat and rectangular in form and gives a minimum reduced efficiency filtration which is suitable to the air conditioning sector.The high velocity filter is organized vertically whilst the lower velocity filter is arranged in V shape.Normal air velocity that moves via the filters is in the range of 2-three m/s.

Stainless Metal Drain Pan
• Slop sort design, no drain water carryover and hold the pan dry
• Stay away from the micro-organisms growth within the drain pan
Antimicrobial Drain Pan is supplied as choice
• SteriTouch technology Drip Pan Coating
• Antimicrobial area
• Very good exterior toughness and corrosion resistance
• Exceptional adhesion
• Non-toxic, comply with BS476 component seven

CZPTal management cupboard(optioanl)
•According to the specifications and capabilities of the device to layout the manage console or cupboard
•Auto manage each and every part of the device to make certain the temperature, humidity and cleaness
•High quality and worldwide manufacturer electrical elements

six.Why decide on us?
CZPTstars delivers Companies:
•System Layout
•CZPT help
•CZPTized manufacturing
•CZPT screening just before shipping
•CZPT areas supply in accordance to order amount
•Long warranty time period
•OEM support CZPT

Q:What are the variations in between an air conditioner and an air handler?
Air handlers are an crucial portion of your total HVAC technique, but they are not the comprehensive air conditioning program.

An air handler is responsible for housing the equipment essential to go air by means of your home or company.In most situations, it is positioned inside of and operates each the heating and cooling systems.Air handlers look like a furnace, and are occasionally even mistaken for one.Air handlers can be created to perform with a heat pump or air conditioner.It contains the indoor coil, which depending on the placing your method is managing on, is utilised for each heating and cooling.

Air conditioning units incorporate the condenser and are generally retained outdoors of your property or company.Air conditioners actively pull heat out of the developing through a variety of factors configured jointly, and then this very hot air is redirected outside the house.During the approach, air moves by means of the program via return ducts and in excess of a refrigerant coil.Instead of adding cold air to the space, which is what it feels like, the program is really just pulling very hot air out and then recirculating the very same air (CZPT the heat) back into the creating.

eight.CZPTer pay a visit to us

nine.Air handling device,air handler supply or container loading

ten.Installation instruction or installation image, undertaking photos
—one. For the duration of set up, enough space ought to be reserved close to the unit, specially aside the accessibility door and h2o pipe, for the fix machine passing. 
—two. The device should be mounted on flat base (concrete or welded C-channel).  Drainages are CZPT close to the base.
—three. Flooring drain must be set in the machine room for the discharge of condensing drinking water and washing water.
—four.Shell out consideration to condensing drinking water discharging to make sure the condensing drinking water discharge effortlessly.
—5. The device must be installed on a horizontal system or hanger.  Soon after the unit is put in, join the types of pipes and ducts:
A. The chilled h2o pipe relationship with cooling coil
B. The condensing drinking water drain pipe connection
C. Humidifier pipes connection
D. The link for the refreshing/return air inlet with its air ducts
E. The wiring relationship for the control box.
When connecting the air duct, 100-150mm versatile connection (airtight canvas or artificial leather-based fabric) must be established amongst flange and air inlet/outlet, to avoid the air leakage triggered by the unit vibration.

The handle box normally is mounted on the unit cupboard or in the machine space. You should make the wiring in accordance to the related electrical regulation by your region.

—six.After all drinking water pipe, wirings and air duct are correctly related, the air handling device can be started out.
[ !]The initial time starting ought to be instructed by an seasoned particular person at internet site, non-seasoned man or woman cannot work the equipment CZPT allow.  The defect caused by misuse shall not be our obligation
[ !] Before 1st time starting, please eliminate the short-term repairing plate from the enthusiast and motor
[ !] The energy and voltage supply must be compatible with the device.  After connecting the electricity to the motor, start off motor first, then verify the running course of the fan. If it is managing in reverse direction, please quit and change the period sequence, then join the electrical power to motor last but not least. If there is safety device on the supply admirer motor, the motor raring must be related to floor.  The motor in this device use “decreased voltage starting up”.
—7. Adjustment of the driving belt
—eight. Just before shifting the device, remember to fasten the damping device.  Placing down need to be slowly and gradually to make certain that the damping gadget is compelled evenly to protect the damping system.  The link among damping gadget and the unit ought to not be by welding

Modular Air Handling Unit for Medical ICU Room