48V 1000W High Power Electric Bike Wtih Brushless DC Motor

48V 1000W High Power Electric Bike Wtih Brushless DC Motor

What Make SmartPie and MagicPie No. 1 Bike Conversion Kits
A: Brushless gearless motor: No gear indicates reliable, peaceful, substantial efficiency, prolonged operating existence, maintenance totally free.
B: Created-in controller: No messy uncovered wirings, significantly less link difficulties, straightforward to set up, neat hunting products.
C: Robust climbing torque: Acheived by using strong uncommon earth magnets, progressive motor layout, and top quality MOSFETS utilised.
D: Open voltages 24/36/48VDC: Person adjustable energy and speed, self upgradable from 24V to 48V to meet up with local laws.
E: Created-in cooling enthusiast: Effective warmth dissipating, better efficiency for motor and controller, greater climbing capability.
F: Programmable controller: Manage parameters programming via USB cable, customizable for distinct EV purposes.

Contents for magic pie III kit:
1. Magic Pie 3 motor
(Brushless&Gearless with Built-in controller)
2. All-in-a single integraged Cable with Thumb or Twist Throttle with Battery gauge, Brake levers, Cruise control button.

24V/36V/48V 250/750/1000W
(16”/18”/20”/24”/26”/28″/700C Spoked CZPT Wall Rim)

Crucial functions:
one.30% greater climbing Torque
(Max: >70N. M)
2. Simple replaceable Interior controller with upgraded mosfets, No much more messy wiring with new created-in controller
3. Better heat dissipating with Self-Cooling Fan, eliminating sixty% warmth
four. Water-proof integral wiring established with Silver plated Plug-pins for straightforward link
five. Update Mosfet with 35A constant current
6. Twin manage method for sensor and sensorless
7. Multi-Voltage settle for 24V/36V/48V
eight. Regenerative braking
nine. Cruise velocity management
10. Computer progarmable
eleven. Ahead/Reverse CZPT

Gross Excess weight: 11kg

Magic Pie Kit Wiring Link

D. I. Y E-Bicycle
What Bike Rider’s Ordeals about MagicPie Kits
“The island i dwell on is mountains and i climb tons of huge hills and the bike performs wonderful. Fundamentally in which i live is just like hawaii however we are in the center of the atlantic ocean as an alternative of the pacific. I dwell on the north shore of the island and travel via the mountains to the south shore to the airport i am an air visitors controller at. I constantly check out the motor after a prolonged climb and it does not get very hot, heat at most. The functionality of the MagicPie and now the SmartPie is by much the best there is. ” — Paul Horak

Listed here is the magcic pie motor gain:
CZPT Motor Magic Pie Sequence Motor Benefit — Higher performance, Substantial reliability, High performance

NO Item CZPT Motor                                          Magic Pie Series Motor  Other Model Motors Gain and downside
one Built-in structural design Built-in motor with built-in controller   motor with exterior controller straightforward set up with bulit-in controller, conserve set up room and reduce wring fault for e-bicycle, the e-bike seems easy. effortless maintainance 
2 Reduction gear brushless and gearless gear When e-bike overloads or climbs, the equipment is simple heating with deformation. Then equipment ware will consequence in the enamel fracture and motor can not function.
Gear framework will deliver sounds, minimal efficiency and brief range.
three Multi-voltage open up voltage(24V-48V) only one particular voltage: 24v or 36v or 48v the voltage of the battery is proportional to the revolution of the motor.
As the the magic pie sequence motor is geearless, it has no wear and tear. Besides, when planning, the multi-voltage are taken into consideration and the motor can work effectively under various voltage. So the user can boost the pace and electricity charge by changing the battery to adapt to the different driving terrain and load.
four Multi-output power charge and velocity Magic pie iii& ii motor: 250W – 1000W                                                Intelligent pie motor:                         200W – 400W  250W If you want to update the energy and pace of the e-bicycle, just exchange the battery. i t is needless for you to  substitute the motor and controller.
5 Cooling and Radiating Developed-in cooling enthusiast no cooling fan  According to scientific screening and person expertise, great thermal has a great affect on the the trustworthiness and performance of  the motor and controller.
Developed – in cooling supporter can rapidly diserse the sixty% heat generated by the motor, drastically improving the efficiency and reliability of the motor and controller. The benefit appears apparently when climbing the long slop.
six Heavy recent managing capability 30A 15A As the  controller employs high – high quality, large – potential energy parts, it can deal with the  momently large-present output, enhancing  the accelerated overall performance and climbing ability of electric powered autos and greatly decreasing the burned possibilty of motor and controller underneath the influence of heavy existing.
7 Programmable CZPT Controller Programmable Non-programmable Specialist consumers or sellers can programm the controller via  USB to Laptop so that you can adjust and optimize the electronic manage parameters. Then the e-bike will be safer and a lot more comfortable when riding. Riders can appreciate the lengthier variety and  the existence span.
8 Regenerative braking Obtainable unCZPT Magic pie series motor has the special and reliable regenerative braking function.
When breaking, the motor gets the generator. it can break swiftly and effortlessly and let the inertial kinetic power to become  electricity charging the battery. With this exclusive function, rider will get pleasure from the safe and comfortabel journey and  more time variety. When downhill, it also re-demand the battery and decelerate.
9 Overheat and
Available unCZPT When the e-bike overloads and climbs  the lengthy slope below large temperature, motor and controller is simple to more than-heating.
Controller of magic pie motor has the bulilt -in sensor which can detect the interior temperature. If it beyonds the
  the allowable temperature, the controller will timely stop the electrical power offer to the motor and  shut down the method keeping away from the injury. Consumer will re-start the e-bike soon after the ebike cools in a natural way. The controller will detect the temperature once again. If the temperature is reduce than the the established protection value, the motor will work yet again. This function will reduce merchandise failure costs and safeguard the client ‘ s property.
ten Plug-and-play integration harness, wires exit from mid of shaft      Water-proof, anti- incorrect, plug-and-play navy regular connector harness. Usefulness, aesthetics, and dependable. User-replaceable, and greatly lessen the after-sales provider.   Other model motors use less costly free connetors, wires exit from hollow shaft conclude which can cut wires/cables effortlessly for the duration of transportation, or when the ebikes fall down to ground at the aspect.
11 Commonality  Commonality Devoted The extremely-thin wheel hub style fits for most normal bicycle (entrance wheel (100mm) / rear wheel (135mm) )set up. Do-it-yourself modifications is CZPT. it supports disc breaks and transmissions. Power price and the speed of the motor can be programmable to abserve the neighborhood regulation. it is common. (Notes: Chinese 250W, EU 250W, 750W, 500W, Canada, Australia, 200W)


48V 1000W High Power Electric Bike Wtih Brushless DC Motor