26″ Rear 48V 1000W Electric Bicycle Motor E-bike Conversion Kit

26″ Rear Wheel 48V 1000W CZPT Battery Powered Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit

CZPT Kit consist of:
* MagicPie3 Motor(Built-in controller)
* Throttle
* Brake levers
* Cruise management button
* Wiring harness

1. Magic Pie three motor
(Brushless&Gearless with Constructed-in controller)
2. All-in-one built-in Cable with Thumb or Twist Throttle with Battery gauge, Brake levers, Cruise management button.

24V/36V/48V 250/750/1000W
(16”/18”/20”/24”/26”/28″/700C Spoked CZPT Wall Rim)

Gross Fat: 11kg
Battery and charger excluded

Crucial functions:
1.thirty% larger climbing Torque
(Max: >70N. M)
2. Easy replaceable Inside controller with upgraded mosfets, No a lot more messy wiring with new created-in controller
three. Better heat dissipating with Self-Cooling Admirer, getting rid of sixty% heat
4. Water-proof integral wiring set with Silver plated Plug-pins for simple relationship
5. Update Mosfet with 35A ongoing recent
six. Dual manage method for sensor and sensorless
seven. Multi-Voltage settle for 24V/36V/48V
8. Regenerative braking
9. Cruise pace management
ten. Laptop programmable


1) How much can I go?
The solitary most widespread query about EBikes is, how significantly can I go?
Somewhere in between 36 and seventy three kilometres on flat floor.
Numerous variables might even shift this variety lower or greater.
The formula to compute battery electricity is as follows.
Multiply the Voltage by the Amp Several hours and divide by the Wattage of hub and you get the time it will very last
If running full throttle.
Consequently, a 36v500w hub with a 36v16ah battery would be. 36v x 16ah / 500w = 1.152 hrs of entire
Throttle procedure. 32kph times 1.152 = 36.684k So at complete throttle you would go over 36 kilometres,
If your highest pace is 32 kilometres an hour (the lawful ebike limit in Canada) you would go more than
36 kilometres in distance.
Nevertheless if you are on flat floor it only takes about 250 watts (about 50 percent throttle),
To preserve a speed of 32 kilometres 36 x sixteen / 250 = 2.304 hours of half throttle procedure.
two.30 hours at 32 kilometres for each hour is 73.6 kilometres, So on completely flat ground with a gentle rider
And bicycle and no wind or halting and starting you go in excess of seventy three kilometres and if you pedal.

2) What is provided in an Ebike Conversion Kit?
one- Motorized Wheel (hub motor mounted in a rim)
2- Motor Controller (Both created in the wheel or incorporated with package)
3- Throttle with LED battery energy indicator (Thumb or Twist)
four- Brake levers (to minimize the motor and interact Regenerative Braking)
five- Management switch (Two button for Cruise, lights, etc)
six- All wires and plugs nessasary to set up package on your bicycle
What Else May possibly I want?
1 – Freewheel and/or elimination instrument
two- Battery and potentially a rack to set it on.
three- USB cable to program the motor controller on a windows based mostly Personal computer

3) How to get sample and why never you ship samples by sea.
You can purchase samples sort our dealers in your nation or acquire from us.
Wholesale discount will be returned back again as soon as you become our supplier.
Shipping cost by sea seems cheaper, but a quite substantial port charge will be questioned to pay when you choose up
Them on the sea port. Which complete demand is considerably far more high-priced than Specific.

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one. Magic Pie 3 motor
( Brushless&Gearless with Built-in controller )
2. All-in-one integrated Cable with Thumb or Twist Throttle 
with Battery gauge, Brake levers, Cruise control button.

24V/36V/48V 250/750/1000W
(16”/18”/20”/24”/26”/28″/700C  Spoked CZPT Wall Rim)

Gross Weight:  11kg
Battery and charger excluded

Key features:
1. 30% higher climbing Torque
    (Max: >70N.M)
2. Easy replaceable  Internal controller with upgraded mosfets , No more messy wiring with new built-in controller
three. Better heat dissipating with  Self-Cooling Fan , removing 60% heat
4.  Water-proof integral wiring set  with Silver plated Plug-pins for easy connection
five.  Upgrade Mosfet with 35A continuous current
6. Dual control mode for sensor and sensorless
seven.  Multi-Voltage accept 24V/36V/48V
eight.  Regenerative braking
nine.  Cruise speed control
ten.  PC programmable