12V 3.2kw 9t Starter Motor for Yanmar 4tnv94L S14-102 129940-77010

12V 3.2kw 9t Starter Motor for Yanmar 4tnv94L S14-102 129940-77010

S14-102 129940-77571 12V 3.2kw 9t Monitor Loader CZPTter Motor for Yanmar 4tnv94L

OEM NO.: S14-102 129940-77571
Voltage (V): 12V
Kilowatt (kW): 3.5kw
Tooth: 9teeth
Rotation: CW
Content: a hundred% Copper, Digital
Specification: SGS INTERTEK
Trademark: RQNRQN
HS Code: 85114099
Transport Deal: Carton Pallet
Origin: China


AS S2049
Cargo 114874
Hitachi S14102, S14102B
KRAUF STH5711NB, STH5711NL, STH5711SK, STH5711SU, STH5711UL, STH5711YJ, STH6221SK, STH7227SK, STH9221NL
Motorherz STH5711WA, STH7227WA
WPS 19708N
Yanmar 1299457171, 12994 0571 eleven

Suits FOR 
YANMAR 4TNV106 Engine 2004-UP Gehl Skid Steer 5640E 4TNV98T
Yanmar Dsl. 2006-2571 6640E 4TNV98T Yanmar Dsl. 2006-2571 V270 4TNV98T
Yanmar Dsl. 2009-2571 Gehl Observe Loader CL65 4TNV98 Yanmar Dsl. 2005-2571 CL75 4TNV98
Yanmar Dsl. 2005-2571 Mustang Skid Steer Loader 2066 4TNV98T Yanmar Dsl. 2005-2571 2076 4TNV98T Yanmar Dsl. 2005-2571 2086 4TNV98T Yanmar Dsl. 2005-2571 V2700 4TNV98T
Yanmar Dsl. 2009-2571 Mustang Keep track of Loader MTL316 4TNV98 Yanmar Dsl. 2009- 2571 MTL320 4TNV98T Yanmar Dsl. 2009-2571 Yanmar Engines – CZPT 4TNV106 Diesel 2004-2007
4TNV106-GGE Diesel 2004-2007 4TNV98 Diesel 2004-2007

a hundred% NEW
Quality Identification: ISO/TS16949
We can Engrave conference to your demand
Packing: Pallet
Minimal Purchase: 1-100PCS
Delivery date is one-45 times following confirming the order.

We also supply mitshibushi type STARTER MOTOR as follows

OEM No.: M3T56174 M3T56184 34766-one 0571 34766-20900
LESTE: 18239 WAI: two-2087-MI
OEM No.: M2T78381 M2T78382 ME 0571 fifty
897257183 897257184
WAI: 2-2320-Hi LESTER: 17801
12V, 9T
24V, 3.7KW, 11T
5811001290 5811001930
8943334380 8943634280 5811001280 5811001281
WAI: 2-2230-Hi
HITACHI: S24-03C S25-121 S25-120A
LESTER: 18193 18280 18284 18285
24V, 3.5KW, 9T
WAI: two-2100-Hi
LESTER: 18281
24V, three.5KW, 9T
8944339120 8944339122 8971125940 8971366880
HITACHI: S14-204A S13-114
12V, two.2KW, 9T
8970324640 8970324642
WAI: 2-2233-Hello
HITACHI: S25-163A S25-163B S25-163C
24V, 4.0KW, 11T

1) for: S6KT, D330, 3204, 3116, 3406, C9, C10, 3304, 3306, 3408, 3512
two) for CZPT: 6WG1, 6HK1, 6HK1T, 6RB1, 6SD1, 6BG1, 6BG1T, 6BD1, 4HK1, 4BG1, 4BD1, 4JB1, 4LE1, 4LE1, 4LE2, 4LE2T, 4JG1, 4JJ1, 6UZ1T, 6WG1T, 6WF1, 6WA1, 3LD1, 3LB1
three) for MITSUBISHI: S4S, S4E, 4D56, 4M40, 4D31, 4D34, 6D14/T, 6D15/T, 6D16/T, 6D22, 6D24, 6D31, 6D34, 6dB1, 8DC9, 8DC11
4) for KOMATSU: 4D92, 4D94E, 4D95/6D95, 4D102/6D102, 4D105/6D105, S6D108, 6D110, 6D120, S6D125, 6D130, 6D140, S6D155, S6D170, 4D120, 4D130, 6D114, 6D107, NH220
5) for YANMAR: 4TNV94/ninety eight, 4TNV88/eighty four, 4TNE94/98, 4TNE88/84, 3D88, 3D84-2/3, 4D84-two/three, 4D88, 4D88E, 3TNV88, 3TNV84, 3TNE84, 4TNV94L
six) for HINO: WO4D, W06D, H06CT, H07CT, H07D, J08C, EB300, EF750, EH100, EH700, K13, EM100, EK100T, F17C, M10U, P11C
7) for: 4BT, 6BT five.9, 6CT 8.three, M11, L10, NH220, NT855, KT19, N14, A2300, B3.3, B5.9
8) for DAEWOO: DB58/T D1146/T D2366/T
9) for Nissan: TD27, TD42, ED6, FD6, FE6T, NE6/ND6, PD6T, PE6T, PF6, RD8, RE8, RF8
10) for KUBOTA: V2203, V2403, V3300, V1505, D905, V1703, V1305, D722, D1105, V1903
eleven) for: F6L912 F6L913 F5L912

4BT3.3 4BT3.9 6BT5.9 6CT8.three M11
NH220 K19 K38 6D114 NT855
3D84 4D94 4D95 S6D95 S6D102 S6D105
S6D107 S6D108 S6D110 S6D114 S6D125
S6D130 S6D140 S6D1155 S6D170
4D31 4D32 4D34 S4K 4M40 6D31T
8DC8 6D34T 6D14T 6D15T 6D16T
6D22T 6D24T 8DC9 S4E S4F
EF550 H06CT H07CT J05E J08E EP100 EK100
H17C J08C K13C W04D/E WO6D
4JB1 4JC1 4JG1 4BB1 4BC2 4BD1 4BG1
6BB1 6BD1 6BG1 6SD1 4HK1 6HK1 6RB1
EP100 6BD1T 6BG1T
DB58 D1146 D2366
3D84-two/three 4D84-two/3 4NTE88/94/98 4NTV88/ninety four/98

If you have the demand from customers, you should speak to with us. We can provide the ideal competitors with the very best value.

Hitachi   Sequence,   1.4kw
HOLDCZPT NO. OEM No Part Cross Reference Lester WAI Holger Christiansen Parts Enamel Description
HQD-5001 S114-818 NISSAN:23300-5J201 32696   JS305 eight NISSAN:Sunny one.3, one.5, one.six, 2.
S114-315 NISSAN:23300-M8011         NISSAN:Cherry1000, 1300, 1500
HQD-5002           8 Mexico sample
HQD-5003 S114-801B NISSAN:23300-31U01 17713 2-1856-Hi JS924 10 NISSAN:Maxima two. V6
S114-801C NISSAN:23300-31U02       ten NISSAN:Maxima 3.0V6
HQD-5004 S114-801D NISSAN:23300-2Y900 17779 2-2062-MI   11 NISSAN:MAXIMA three.0L
M0T87181 NISSAN:23300-5Y710       11  
HQD-5005 S114-801A NISSAN:23300-31U00 , JS924 17695 2-1856-Hi JS924 8 NISSAN:Maxima 2., 3.0V6
HQD-5006           eight Mexico sample
HQD-5007 S114-842, 607 NISSAN:23300-18C00 16992 2-1113-Hello   eight NISSAN: 1987-95
HQD-5008 S114-829A, 829 OPEL:6257100 31224 2-2468-Hello JS1158 13 OPEL: ASTRA G 1.7L
S114-829B OPEL:93174571       thirteen OPEL: Corsa C one.7TD
HQD-5009 S114-808A, 808 OPEL:5713638 18328 two-2461-Hi JS1091 11 OPEL:Astra F one.seven td
S114-808B OPEL:9571773       eleven OPEL:Vectra B one.7 TD
HQD-5571 S114-701A, 701C NISSAN:23300-53J00 17246 two-2262-Hi   eight NISSAN:SENTRA two.0L
S114-701, 701B NISSAN:23300-63J01       eight NISSAN:NX2.0L 1991-ninety three
HQD-5011 S114-901, 901A NISSAN:23300-EE00B 19092     ten NISSAN:VERSA 1.6L 2009
HQD-5012 S114-902 NISSAN:23300-EN200 17982 2-2991-Hello   10 NISSAN:VERSA one.8L 2004-10
  S114-902A NISSAN:23300-EN200R         NISSAN:SENTRA two.0L 2007-10
HQD-5013 S114-823S   19695 two-2982-Hello   10 CHEVROLET
HQD-5014 S114-815 YANMAR:129698-77571 18219 two-2009-Hi   eleven YANMAR:4JH-three

Q:one.How do you control the products’ high quality?

A:Auto inspection device and manual tests together prior to packing.

Q:2.What’s your payment time period?
A:We generally settle for T/T(thirty% deposit,the stability just before supply.)
Samples cost can be paid out by Paypal,Western Union,MoneyGram

Q:three.Would you acknowledge to use our brand?
A:If you have excellent quantity,we can make your emblem.

Q:4.Can I get a sample for reference?
A:We give totally free samples for screening,you require to spend the sample and courier expense.

Q:five.What is your MOQ?
A:The MOQ can be only 1 piece.

Q:six.What is your delivery time?
A:Typically it takes 5-forty five functioning days depends on products and quantity.

Q:seven.What is your warranty time of the products?
A:12 months

12V 3.2kw 9t Starter Motor for Yanmar 4tnv94L S14-102 129940-77010