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Motor: The difference between plateau motor and ordinary variable frequency speed control motor

author:xiaoE date:2021-07-19 12: 16

  It is reminded that the mechanical equipment used in some areas with an altitude of more than 1500 meters needs to be equipped with plateau motors to ensure the safety and life of the equipment.Because the altitude not only affects the human body, but also has a great impact on the operation of ordinary motors.

  Mainly because of the high altitude, low air pressure, lack of oxygen, high cold, large temperature difference, and large wind and sand in the plateau environment, it is an extremely severe test for the ventilation and heat dissipation conditions, insulation and protection of the motor.If the ordinary motor is directly applied to the plateau environment, it may be burnt out due to the deterioration of operating conditions or cause frequent failures.

  Today, I will sort out and analyze the differences between plateau motors and ordinary variable-frequency speed-regulating motors.

  XNUMX. First, the altitude will cause the insulation strength of the motor to decrease, and secondly, the breakdown voltage of the electrical gap of the motor will decrease.And in the operation of high-power and high-voltage motors, the corona initial voltage is reduced.

  XNUMX. In a high-altitude environment, the cooling effect of the air medium is reduced, and the heat dissipation capacity is reduced, which will cause serious heating of ordinary motors.Low air pressure in plateau areas and high volatility of lubricating oil (grease) lead to increased mechanical wear.

  Therefore, ordinary three-phase asynchronous motors cannot be used for a long time in the plateau environment, because the normal use environment temperature of the general motors is -5°C to 40°C, and the location should be below 1000m above sea level.

  And with the increase in altitude, motor manufacturers will optimize the design focus and performance evaluation indicators of plateau motors according to the different operating environmental conditions of plateau motors. Therefore, they derive a new and optimized design of plateau motors to meet the requirements. The output power and the upper limit of the external dimensions are required, and the protective structure is adapted to the specific operating environment.

  In addition, Hubei Wanbang Motor Factory reminds that plateau motors are also divided into general-purpose plateau motors and plateau outdoor motors.General purpose plateau motors only need to consider the problem of ventilation and heat dissipation. Ordinary motors can be used in plateau environments when they are strictly assessed according to the altitude temperature rise limit or improve the ventilation and heat dissipation conditions. Plateau outdoor motors can be used in plateau environments except for the insulation strength, electrical clearance, and temperature rise limits. In addition to corresponding adjustments in anti-corona measures, special ventilation and heat dissipation methods and protective structures such as extreme temperature differences and wind and sand prevention are often required. If necessary, special series motors for outdoor plateaus are designed according to specific environmental regulations.

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