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What to do if the high-power motor enters water and gets wet

author:xiaoE date:2021-07-18 11: 37

  It is reminded that at the manufacturer’s production site, due to the selection of high-power high-voltage motors, improper storage, improper maintenance, and environmental factors, moisture enters the motor to form condensation or the motor directly enters water, resulting in a decrease in the insulation resistance of the motor and affecting the normal use of the motor. Safe operation.

  The following is the finishing method of high-power and high-voltage motor damp treatment.

  The current drying method is the most common method to deal with the ingress of water and moisture in high-power and high-voltage motors. The basic principle is to pass low-voltage current into the stator windings of the motor, the rotor is blocked, and the temperature generated by the loss of the motor is used to dry the motor. The motor is fixed during drying. The rotor heats up at the same time, and the drying speed is faster. It is generally used for higher power high and low voltage motors;

  Take a model YKK710-10, a motor with a power of 2800kW, a current of 335A, and a voltage of 6kV as an example: the motor is an outdoor motor. During the infrastructure construction period, the motor is ready to be put into trial operation, and the insulation resistance is measured on site 2 MΩ, the weather is rainy, and the humidity Big.After 36 hours have passed after the motor’s built-in heater is put in, the insulation resistance measured about 3MΩ does not change much. It is prepared to increase the motor current drying method for drying when the original motor heating continues to be put in.

  When making a selection, the manufacturer must indicate in advance whether it is used indoors or outdoors, so that the high-power motor manufacturer can optimize the protection level of the high-power high-voltage motor according to the manufacturer's requirements, and avoid the occurrence of situations such as the motor being affected by moisture.

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