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How do manufacturers produce high-power and high-voltage motors

author:xiaoE date:2021-07-17 11: 16


  One of the technical difficulties of this type of high-voltage motor is the insulation control between the turns of the stator coil. Because the wires are often thin, it is difficult to use both hand-wrapped and machine-wrapped mica tapes. The film-wound wire itself is used for inter-turn insulation, which has poor corona resistance. .

  It is found that inter-turn faults account for a large proportion of high-power high-voltage motor faults, and the reliability of inter-turn insulation has attracted more and more attention. Some users even specify high-voltage motors with mica as inter-turn insulation.

  And Hubei Wanbang Motor reminds everyone that most of the failures and damages of high-power high-voltage motors are caused by damage to the winding insulation, among which the inter-turn insulation of the winding accounts for about 50%, and once the damage is done, the consequences will be serious.

  Turn-to-turn insulation short-circuit is basically caused by the motor's inter-turn impulse voltage exceeding the working voltage of part of the winding's inter-turn insulation under various overvoltages. Some of it is caused by mechanical damage to the coil and winding during the manufacturing process. There are also partial discharges generated in the internal gaps of the high-voltage motor windings and corona corrosion of the high-voltage windings.

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