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Features of variable frequency motors

author:xiaoE date:2021-01-27 11: 51

  The special frequency conversion motor has the following characteristics:

  Class B temperature rise design, Class F insulation manufacturing.The use of polymer insulating materials and vacuum pressure dipping paint manufacturing process and the use of special insulation structure make the electrical windings use insulation withstand voltage and mechanical strength greatly improved, which is sufficient for the high-speed operation of the motor and resists the high frequency current impact and voltage of the inverter. Damage to insulation.
  The balance quality is high, the vibration level is R (reduced vibration level), the machining accuracy of mechanical parts is high, and the special high-precision imported bearings are used, which can run at high speed.Forced ventilation and heat dissipation system, all imported axial fans are ultra-quiet, long-life, and strong wind.It ensures that the motor can effectively dissipate heat at any speed, and can achieve high-speed or low-speed long-term operation.
  Compared with traditional variable frequency motors, the YP series motors designed by AMCAD software have a wider speed range and higher design quality. The special magnetic field design further suppresses the high-order harmonic magnetic field to meet the needs of broadband, energy saving and Low noise design index.It has a wide range of constant torque and power speed regulation characteristics, stable speed regulation, and no torque ripple.
  It has good parameter matching with all kinds of inverters, and with vector control, it can realize zero-speed full torque, low-frequency high-torque and high-precision speed control, position control and fast dynamic response control. YP series frequency conversion special motors can be equipped with brakes and encoders are supplied, so that precise parking can be obtained, and high-precision speed control can be achieved through closed-loop speed control.Using "micro motor + frequency conversion special motor + encoder + frequency converter" to achieve precise control of ultra-low speed stepless speed regulation. YP series frequency conversion special motors have good versatility, and their installation dimensions conform to IEC standards, and are interchangeable with general standard motors.

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