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What is the daily maintenance of explosion-proof motors?

author:xiaoE date:2020-09-09 10: 05

Explosion proofMotorAs a key supporting equipment, explosion-proof motors need more complete protection.The motor is an electromagnetic device that realizes the conversion or transmission of electric energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction.Frequency conversion speed motorA general term for motors driven by frequency converters.In fact, the motor designed for the frequency converter is a special frequency conversion motor. The motor can achieve different speeds and torques under the drive of the frequency converter to adapt to the changes in the demand of the load.Explosion-proof motorsA type of motor that can be used in flammable and explosive plants, and does not generate sparks during operation.Explosion-proof motors are mainly used in coal mines, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries.In addition, it is also widely used in sectors such as textiles, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, papermaking, and medicine.In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of explosion-proof motors, attention must be paid to the maintenance of explosion-proof motors.The daily maintenance of explosion-proof motors is divided into three parts: inspection, regular inspection and annual or detailed inspection and maintenance.

Explosion-proof motor maintenance content:

XNUMX. Daily inspection and maintenance of explosion-proof motors

1. Please observe the operating status of the explosion-proof motor and driver, pay attention to abnormal sound and vibration at noon, and clear the abnormal situation in time

2. Check the smooth condition and pay attention to whether the operation mode of the explosion-proof motor bearing system is normal

3. Insist on cleaning, remove dust and debris, there is no foreign matter on the explosion-proof motor, the heat dissipation surface, the ventilation air path is unblocked, and no water droplets, dirt, etc. are allowed to fall into the explosion-proof motor.

4. Pay attention that the surrounding environment is not humid, and the explosion-proof motor will not be affected

XNUMX. Regular inspection work items for explosion-proof motors

1. Check whether some of the screws can be tightened for looseness

2. Switches, protection devices, incomplete and non-damaged wiring in the line

3. Is the brush sliding intact? Is the pressure normal? Is the wear of the brush to be replaced?

4. Eliminate the accumulation of debris, stick to the hot side or the wind road to the sun

Whether the insulation resistance of the explosion-proof motor is qualified

6. Is the capacitor and its wiring abnormal?

7. Does the grounding device design have completeness?

XNUMX. Annual specific inspection of explosion-proof motors

1. Repair and replace a slippery grease and replace the worn out bearing

2. Check whether the switch and protection device are active, and whether the setting parameters meet the requirements

3. If the explosion-proof motor has low insulation resistance, it should be buried in a dry place

4. View and organize the operating environment of explosion-proof motors to eliminate dust and debris

5. Check the development status of rust and corrosion, and carry out anti-rust technology treatment

The transmission has some wear, and the defective parts need to be replaced

7. Repair or replace worn electric drama, adjust and brush pressure

8. The actual situation of disassembly and maintenance

Open the bearing cover, check the bearing condition, grease condition, oil quality, oil quantity, and add oil if necessary.

10. Cleaning, inspection and repair of slip rings, electric brushes, brush holders, etc.

11. The motor is disassembled, and the core is pulled to check the students' cleaning.

12. Inspect the electrical connection, loose or defective motor, and test the insulation resistance of the cable.

13. In the analysis of the management work of the above-mentioned enterprises, all the explosion-proof surfaces that are dismantled shall be cleaned up, rust-removed, coated with anti-rust oil, and the information integrity of the explosion-proof surfaces shall be checked.

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